Raw milk vending machine udder success for Kiwi farmer

Taking local milk national: Mark and Richard Houston with the automatic raw milk dispenser that is the centre piece of the Village Milk business (Courtesy NelsonMail)

(Newshub) Raw milk vending machine udder success for Kiwi farmer

As raw milk is becoming more popular, one kiwi farmer is making it as easy to distribute as tapping a button.

Raw milk is straight from the cow, it doesn’t undergo the same pasteurization process as milk on the supermarket shelf.

Customer Nikki King says she likes the idea of the milk not being processed.

“It tastes good… it’s just like what you got when we were kids.”

“It was pretty much a business decision at the time to have some say in our own destiny, rather than relying on other people to market our product,” Kiwi farmer Mark Williams says.

Mark Williams discovered raw milk dispensing machines in 2016 and had one installed at his Kiwi milk farm

“It’s not often when you’re in a business that you have customers that are so happy about getting something off you.”

Given its popularity already, it looks like there’ll be a lot more happy customers in the future too.