Kim Dotcom on Extradition Verdict: “We won but we lost anyway”

Kim Dotcom has received a 365 page judgement from the New Zealand High Court on February 20th that has been called a “major victory”. Dotcom has accrued an online cult from his years long drama surrounding MegaUpload and what is now New Zealand’s most high profile legal case.

After five months of deliberation following a US extradition appeal, the High Court has said that Kim Dotcom is eligible for extradition, but not for copyright infringement. § 131 of the Copyright Act of 1994 is a civil offense, not a criminal. Kim claims courts are now attempting to extradite him on criminal charges for things that have happened following the raid of his manor in, or to proceed with copyright infringement charges as if they were criminal despite the law. “There’s far more to this than meets the eye. It has so many permutations. Nothing is as it seems”, he says.

Dotcom has vowed that this is not the end, and now New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is calling for an investigation into the case. The millions of dollars tied up in trying to have Kim removed from the country have left taxpayers asking how the drama was allowed to get to this point to begin with. Dotcom has tweeted about Peters’s inquiry positively, but it’s unlikely to be in his favor, as Peters does not believe Kim should have been allowed into the country to begin with.

Despite the confusing verdict, Kim has stayed positive in public media and has thanked his fans for their support. Dotcom is on bail and his freedoms are restricted, but has claimed that “New Zealand is probably the most beautiful prison to be stuck in. And I can see my amazing kids grow up which gives me the greatest joy.” As he is not allowed to leave the country while awaiting his final judgement, he is vowing to shake up the system instead.