How to Appeal Twitter Bans through Legal Headaches

Twitter has been banning a ton of accounts this month after the election of Donald J Trump, topping off a year long war with his supporters on their platform. They’ve unabashedly suppressed Wikileaks and pro-Trump related hashtags from trending pages and have been removing them from the autocomplete lists.

If you’re one of those affected, read on. There’s a template for you to use at the end and I’ll keep this short.

The company responsible for handling Twitter’s user data is in Ireland, which is a European Union member nation. The protections afforded to EU citizens are extended to non-EU citizens as well. Increasingly, the EU and its members have ruled in favor of individuals suing private social media companies, including a recent instance of a French man winning a case against Facebook for banning him over paintings of vaginas he had posted. Ireland specifically has additional data laws that we can use.

There are several ways to deliver this message. I’ve had success using Twitter’s Ban Appeal form. If they are stubborn about it, try [email protected]. If they still refuse, send them snail mail with a photo copy of your government ID.

Their address is as follows.

Data Controller
Twitter International Company
42 Pearse Street
Dublin 2

The template you can use to make this request is as below.

Attention Data Controller:

Pursuant to the Ireland’s Data Protection Act of 1988, this is a formal Subject Access Request for Twitter handle @YOURHANDLE.

On DATE_BANNED, my account was was suspended without adequate reason given. As the account owner of @YOURHANDLE and a Twitter user, I am making a subject access request.

Please provide all information about my account, including the reason for my suspension. A vague explanation is not sufficient; please give me all information you have retained about my account and my person. It is acceptable to redact the identities of complainants and staff.

This suspension is deeply troubling and I suspect it is an act of censorship. The aforementioned legislation requires you to elaborate on if Twitter is storing data about my political beliefs and if that data has factored into my suspension. This includes my usage of political hashtags, phrases, or other sensitive information about me.

The Twitter platform is routinely used by pedophiles to distribute illegal content. The Twitter platform is routinely used by islamists to coordinate with each other. The Twitter platform is routinely used by American political extremists who advocate violence against those who voted for the current president-elect of the United States. The idea that my account in particular has done something worthy of indefinite suspension is laughable and indicative of Twitter’s real priorities.

Expecting a prompt response to my inquiry.



You are free to edit or distribute this template however you choose.

Good luck, and fuck you Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey meeting with the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia.
Jack Dorsey meeting with the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia.