Samuel Collingwood Smith endangered children; Stalked under 18 for over two years

Still threatens young woman with legal action for speaking out.

Samuel Collingwood Smith (aka Vordrak, aka Benevolus aka Matthew Hopkins) hides his actions behind many names but his hallmarks are the same. For almost a full decade, he has been trying to lead a one man crusade against groups and individuals by accusing them of pedophilia. This list has included Encyclopedia Dramatica, Enemies of the Gamergate Movement, Liberal Democrat Politicians and even the Kiwi Farms, its owner Josh Moon, and his family.

It can be stated for the record that of these targets no evidence has ever been found to support his claims, aside from Samuel Collingwood Smith’s own claims.

Lolcow News and the Kiwi Farms recently received information behind his previous accusations, namely against the band Evanescence and its fan forum EVthreads. In many ways this is the genesis of Samuel Collingwood Smith’s mad witch hunt against these perceived wrongs. Or, perhaps better stated: the earliest incident we are currently aware of.

It’s certainly his most notorious considering it resulted in him being subject to a gagging order via the UK courts system for his baseless accusations. A gag that, to this day, remains in effect.

It also shows that, as long suspected, he conducts these hideous and potentially ruinous accusations on the simple basis of trying to shut down debate or any kind of resistance against him. A classical tactic utilized by individuals of his “political generation”.

Samuel Collingwood Smith claims to have been a member of the Millbank Attack and Rebuttal Unit of the Labour Party at the height of its powers. One of its most effective tactics during its era at Milbank was to smear and accuse its targets of vile acts that would prompt the dehumanizing of the target and to cause the wider public to stop listening to what is being said. Smears frequently included accusations of extramarital affairs, racism, sexism and pedophilia.

Sound familiar? Samuel Collingwood Smith has utilized this tactic time and time again both professionally and personally. While not illegal per se these comments are often themselves defamatory and would subject himself to numerous libel lawsuits.

However he frequently states his “information” comes from anonymous sources all while failing to provide any proof of said sources. A classic tactic used by the British Press when trying to either publish sensationalist stories, or a desire to protect highly sensitive sources inside government.

LolcowNews however, does provide screencaps from his victims (names obviously removed for their sake) about what exactly prompted his crusade against the EVThreads board:

Vordrak's origins

This story mirrors a lot of what Samuel Collingwood Smith has utilized against more recent victims of his harassment. He tried to ingratiate himself with a group, when he is then called out for his obvious power grabbing, he then goes on to launch attacks and accusations against any individuals he can.

In this case, this included a 17 year old girl.

The person (who shall remain nameless for her safety) was harassed and basically stalked online by Samuel Collingwood Smith for years over her being picked for a simple moderation job over himself. His actions prompted either him or others to find all of her social media presence and to steal her Debit Card details, the latter of which is obviously a very illegal act.

It should again be emphasised she was only 17 years old at the time her details were stolen, with his campaign reaching its peak when she was only 19, all while being harassed and even threatened in a way that could be easily construed as a death threat.

All over not getting a moderation post on a forum for a band.



Samuel Collingwood Smith, aware of his defamatory and outright libelous claims about child pornography and “suicide baiting” on the EVthreads community chose to utilize Parliamentary Sovereignty to push an Early Day Motion using MPs who were unaware of the background behind Sam’s motivations. Sovereignty which allows there to be no legal repercussions on his actions.

The Band management’s response, when Samuel Collingwood Smith threatened to further expose them via the media to these baseless claims, was to shut down the entire EVthreads community and redirect the link to the band’s Facebook page. Confused fans, many of whom underage, proceeded to post on this Facebook page under their own names with no protection afforded to them that the boards and their anonymity of their screen names.

So, should Samuel Collingwood Smith’s accusations haven proven true, his direct actions managed to potentially expose pedophiles to the real names (and other sensitive details) of numerous underage children via their Facebook profiles.

This shows a recklessness and inability to consider the consequences of his actions which clearly makes him, not a defender or crusader for children but an outright menace to their safety.

As I was drafting this article Samuel decided to contact our source, clearly showing he still knew how to and had continued to monitor her four years after destroying a version of a thriving and active online community:


This shows another tactic used by Samuel Collingwood Smith which frequently boils down to the old phrase “do as I say, not as I do.”

While he is perfectly content to either set the ball rolling or outright perform media witch hunts, doxing, harrassment campaigns, smears, libel, defamation of character, wasting police time and acts of terrorism (both foreign and domestic) should you chose to speak about the negative aspects of your interaction with him, the responce is threatening of a lawsuit for defamation.

The issue of course, is that these legal threats are baseless because if the held beliefs are felt earnestly true (a method Sam hides behind frequently when making his own accusations), or you are yourself describing the situation from your own perspective, such threats fall apart. He is relying entirely on the mere threat of serving lawsuit papers to people ignorant of such tactics, not realizing that with just a bit of googling and talking to a Lawyer his entire house is built very much on biblical sand.

It should also be noted one party in this article is still subjected to the gagging order handed to them when they destroyed a community and exposed the real names of underage children via Facebook because they didn’t get a moderation post they felt they deserved.

The other is our source.

You can draw your own conclusions.