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Christchurch, NZ
2:18pm Mon 27 March

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Transgender Bathroom Case

Gavin Grimm is a transgender teenager who wants so badly to be able to use the boys' restroom at his school, he was willing...
The elite believe that they are communicating with interdemensional creatures and they believe that they have to kill everyone to get to the super-technology. The psychopath cosmology is not to have kids and live on through them but that you must kill and enslave people to get ahead. Prove you're evil, prove you're hateful - you're just this God killing everyone.

Alex Jones does a Q&A session with Trump’s fans

Alex Jones is internationally famous for being one of the largest names in the conspiracy world. Often dismissed as being a lunatic, he saw...

Kim Dotcom on Extradition Verdict: “We won but we lost anyway”

Kim Dotcom has received a 365 page judgement from the New Zealand High Court on February 20th that has been called a "major victory"....